How Do I Use 1099 Services (Detailed)?
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  1. Before sending your data, consider the TIN matching service of TINCheck. This service will allow you to verify your recipients' TINs and perform address verification.  Alternatively, you can contract with 1099 Services to perform bulk TIN matching after your data is transmitted to us.  See the Services Provided page for details.
  2. Please review the information on the Services page to decide if you wish to participate in the Combined Federal State Filing program. If you wish to participate, please notify us or answer Yes to the question in the Filer Information sheet of your Excel data template.. 
  3. Determine what format your 1099 data is currently in, and if it can be exported to Excel spreadsheet format.
  4. If your data cannot be exported to Excel format, can it be exported to tab, comma delimited, or csv format ?  If so, then it can be imported into Excel with little trouble.  If not, can it be exported to standard text file ?  If so, contact 1099 Services for possible data conversion to Excel format.
  5. Download the Excel template(s) from the Downloads page to use to export your data into.  Unused columns can be left in the Excel templates.  It is crucial to our conversion process that the column names be left intact.
  6. Note that each Excel template has two sheets, one for the Filer Information and one for the actual transaction data.  Please fill in the Filer Info sheet for all Excel templates that are submitted.
  7. Use the data guidelines found in the Key websheet found in each Excel template or IRS Publication 1220 as a guide to formatting your data in the Excel spreadsheet.  Keep in mind that the templates include all possible money fields for that form type - you only fill in the money columns for which you are reporting data, leave the rest blank.
  8. When preparing an Excel file for upload, please name it according to this pattern:
    <Filer Name>_<FormType>_<Date in MMDDYY format>.xls



    This is so we can tell the different versions apart, otherwise you might be overwriting your previous uploads.  For security reasons, when you upload your data, you won't be able to see the files you have already uploaded.

  10. To transfer your data securely to 1099 Services please go to this web site:




    You will be presented with a dialog box with fields for your name, email address, subject, and message.  The only mandatory field is your email address, the others can be left blank if so desired.  You must then select the file(s) you are uploading. Click on Select File, select your file(s), click on Send It.  You will immediately see a new screen titled "Sending in Progress" and you will see your file(s) being transferred.  We will receive an email informing us of the upload.


    If you upload the same file more than once please tell us in the subject or message area how to handle the different copies.  For example, "Please delete all versions prior to this one, use this one instead.

  11. DO NOT email data to us - it is not safe.
  12. When we receive your data, you will receive an email within 24 hours acknowledging that we received your data.  1099 Services will be in communication with you about any issues encountered during data conversion from Excel format into IRS format.  If you do not receive such notification, you should assume we did not receive your data, and please contact us.  
  13. Once the data is converted, you will received a PDF report of your data for approval.  We must have agreement from you before we proceed with printing and mailing.  You may waive this approval if so desired. 
  14. Carefully review all  PDF reports 1099 Services sends you, it is the customerís responsibility to assure that PDF reports 1099 Services sends out contain the data as the customer intended it to be to processed. Contact us immediately if it does not.

  15. Once you have approved the converted data, your recipient copies will be printed and mailed prior to the deadline, provided the data was delivered to 1099 Services with sufficient lead time.
  16. After recipient copies are mailed, you may forward corrections any time. Prior to the electronic filing deadline at the end of March, corrections will be billed at a flat rate per correction, NOT subject to any minimum.  After electronic filing, corrections will be subject to the standard minimum (see the Fees page).
  17. After recipient copies are mailed, invoices will be emailed for both the recipient copies and applicable electronic filing fees.