All jobs carry a minimum $1000 fee, incurred per tax year per customer. This minimum carries an implicit one hour of labor for setup.  This is usually sufficient if the customer has followed the Data Guidelines Document and used the Excel templates provided on this site.  Any time spent beyond that hour will be billed at the hourly labor rate (see Data entry/correction services at the end of this document).
Recipient Copy Mailing (Copy B For Recipient only) and filing with the IRS, per transaction
Up   to  150:     $6.00 Subject to a minimum $1000
151 to   500:     $4.00 
501 to 3000:     $2.25
Call for pricing for over 3000 transactions.
This is per recipient transaction for printing, mailing and filing with the IRS. Discounts apply for volumes over 3,000, please call or email for quote.  This fee includes postage. Foreign addresses may be charged an additional fee, depending on destination country.
Form 1042-S carries a premium due to foreign postage, please contact us for details.
Recipient Copy for Filing with State Income Tax Return (Copy 2): Mailed with Copy B. No extra charge. This is optional but you must notify 1099 Services if you want this.
Federal Copy or Payer Copy: Can be generated for an additional $1.50 per recipient.
Rush Charges: ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS, AT OUR DISCRETION - For data delivered during the last week of January, rush charges may apply, depending on overall volume at the time. Rush charges are either $.50 per recipient or double the minimum fee, described above, whichever is the greatest.
Electronic filing with the IRS (for those customers who do not require printing and mailing of recipient copies):
$1.00 per recipient up to 1,500 recipients,
$.85 per recipient between 1,501 and 5,000 recipients,
$.50 per recipient over 5,000 recipients.
There is a maximum fee of $1000.00 for electronic filing. In other words, an unlimited number of transactions can be filed for no more than $1000.00. The actual billed amount can exceed this cap, however, if there are issues with transaction data that require editing or additional communication to clarify accuracy. The hourly rate is applied for any such time spent by 1099 Services (see Data entry below.)
Additions, Corrections, Deletions  and Reprints: $5.00 per recipient copy.  This may be less for larger batches. Prior to filing with the IRS, the cost of mailing new or corrected recipient copies is not subject to any minimum. After filing with the IRS, due to additional labor involved, corrections are subject to the $85 minimum per batch.
1099 Services
1099 Services Fee Structure
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Applies to forms 3921, 3922, 1098, 1099, 1042-S, 5498, W2G
TIN Matching
* TINCheck service - $.50 per check, $10 minimum
* Bulk TIN Matching - $225 per 100,000 TINs
1099 Services has a minimum job size of 500 transactions for new customers.
New customers and customers with larger orders are subject to payment in advance for 60% of the estimated cost.  Invoice balances for recipient copy mailing and electronic filing are billed immediately after recipient copies have been mailed.  Any charges accrued after that point are billed at the end of each month.
New customers during the last 2 weeks of January or March are subject to payment in full in advance.
Data Entry: 1099 Service charges $100/hour for time spent editing data.
W-9 and B Notices:    $8.00