Services Provided
1099 Services
Print and mail recipient copies.   This includes postage.
File electronically with the IRS. 
PDF or hardcopy reports
Corrections processed all year long
Reports in PDF format are included.  Hardcopy reports may incur an additional charge.
Please note that all PDF reports emailed to customers are encrypted and password protected.  The password required to view the PDFs changes from year to year.  Please call us to get the password.
How To
Contact Us
Send us your corrections and we will process immediately, subject to the fee structure.
TIN Matching
IRS TIN/Name Combination Matching
  • OFAC-SDN List Verification
  • Banned Patron Verification
  • Address Validation
  • Web Service Integration
  • and much more!

    Visit www.TINCheck.com for more information and a demonstration.  If you subscribe, please enter "1099 Services" in the referral field.
  • As a 1099 Services customer you may enroll in the Combined Federal/State Filing program (CFSFP) when you file your 1099 forms with us. Through the CFSFP, the IRS/MCC will forward original and corrected information returns, filed electronically or magnetically, to participating states.
    The following forms are included in CFSFP: 1099-B, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-G, 1099-K, 1099-OID, 1099-PATR, 1099-R, and 5498.  All other form types are NOT covered by the CFSFP.  See Publication 1220 for details.
    The following states are currently participants: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin.
    In order to participate please indicate "Yes" in the Filer Information sheet of the Excel template you use to upload your data to us (see the uploads page for Excel data templates).
    All filing is done electronically through the IRS FIRE system.
    Verify transaction data against IRS records to verify accuracy and correct data. There are two ways you can do this:
    TINCheck service (do it yourself).  TINCheck's services include:
    Bulk TIN Matching Service
    We can securely submit your data to the IRS database for verification.  You will get back a report showing any issues requiring your attention.