How Do I Use 1099 Services (Summary)?
1099 Services
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1.       Decide if you want to utilize our TIN Checking Services (call or email us).


2.      Decide if you want to participate in the Combined Federal State Filing Program, check the appropriate box in the Excel template if you wish to participate.


3.       Place your data into the appropriate Excel template from our downloads page.  For formatting and field length guidelines please see the "Key" websheet in the Excel template.


4.      Upload your data to our secure upload facility (click on detailed process below for instructions).


5.      Wait for confirmation within 24 hours followed by a PDF report for your approval.


6.       Review your PDF report and either respond with changes or give your approval.  It is the customerís responsibility to assure that PDF reports 1099 Services sends out contain the data as the customer intended it to be to processed.  Contact us immediately if it does not.


7.       Printing and mailing of recipient copies will be performed, and you will receive email confirmation when that has been completed.


8.       Upload corrections to us between the original mailing in January and IRS filing which happens during the last week of March.  Corrections will be processed as we get them.


9.       Your transaction data will be filed electronically with the IRS during the last week of March (or last week of January for Form 1099-NEC) and you will receive another email when that has been completed.


For a more detailed How To process, click here...