1099 Services

For filers, the following data columns are required:


1.      Name Field 1 (maximum 40 characters).

2.     Name Field 2 (if applicable, maximum 40 characters).

3.      Address 1 (maximum 40 characters).

4.     Address 2. Use this field for suite numbers, apartment numbers, etc. PO box numbers should also be placed here if Address 1 is not blank. 

5.      City (maximum 40 characters).

6.      State (maximum 2 characters).

7.     Zip Code (maximum 10 characters).  This field should be formatted as text,  not numeric.  For 5 digit zip codes, do not allow trailing hyphens.

8.      Taxpayer Identification Number (maximum 10 characters, properly hyphenated). This field should be formatted as text, not numeric.

9.      Contact Name (maximum 40 characters).  This is in case the IRS must contact you about the data.

10.  Contact Phone Number (maximum 15 characters).

11.  Contact Fax Number (maximum 15 characters).


If filing Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-R, or W2-G,  your company may have been assigned State ID numbers from any states in which you do business or have recipients.  For example, in California the Employer Development Department (EDD) assigns a state ID number.  Check with your accountant or attorney to determine your company's state ID number.  Many companies do NOT have one.  If your company has been assigned such IDs, please forward those to 1099 Services.



It is also possible there is more than one legal entity within your company that makes payments to recipients.  If so, they will each have their own Taxpayer Identification Number and you must submit a separate data file, table, or worksheet for each filer and its recipients.


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