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            Here are guidelines to follow for data formats for forms 1098, 1099, 5498, or W-2G Information Returns.  There are two types of data: filer and recipient.  Most likely, the filer is your company.  The recipients are the persons or organizations to whom payments were made.  You will need to create files that convey what the filer and recipient information is.  This output file could be delimited text, DBASE, Excel, Lotus, Access or almost any format.  Most customers deliver their data in Excel spreadsheet format.  Please see the Downloads page for Excel templates for all form types.  If you will be using anything other than Excel for data delivery, please inform 1099 Services what format you are using before submitting your data.  Depending on the file format submitted, you must define the filer and recipient data in separate worksheets, tables or files.  Data may be in either mixed case or upper case.


           1099 Services strongly suggests you acquire a copy of IRS Publication 1220 to use as a reference when creating your data file. You may acquire this publication by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM or on the Internet at www.irs.gov.


Filer data details.
Recipient data details.

Note: Variance from the above data format requirements may be permissible, but time spent by 1099 Services converting to this format will be billed at the hourly rate described in a separate document titled “1099 Services Fee Structure”.  If you must vary from the above data format requirements, please contact 1099 Services before proceeding.

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